Workplace Wellness

We have partnered with large and small companies like Eileen Fisher Clothing Company, American Express, Merrill Lynch, United Parcel Service (UPS), Whole Foods Market, and many others in a variety of ways to bring the good news about health and wellness to their employees through one hour,  half day, and day long workshops. Our goal is to customize a health management program or single event that meets the needs of each individual organization.
Nourishing Wisdom Workplace Wellness Programs are designed to give your group an extraordinary education about stress management, eating well and taking good care of themselves. Our workshops provide tools to upgrade employee health- easily. Each program is designed with your company and it’s wellness mission in mind.
When employees feel their best, they naturally and happily have more to offer, they feel valued, making your work environment a place they really want to be… And they have less sick days!
WF fuhrman2Looking for a great speaker to kickoff your event?
Holly’s keynotes will get everyone engaged and inspired. Through her fun, personal teaching style, Holly gives easy-to- implement-strategies for busy people to prioritize self care.
Include a cooking demonstration as part of your event
Participants experience a live cooking show and everyone receives a recipe packet, nutrition education, and generous tastings, of course!
Team building event photo (26)
Our team will create a kitchen in your conference room. With portable stoves, wonderful healthy ingredients, and simple recipes, employees prepare a delicious meal together. Lots of laughter, communication, and teamwork make this a great way to connect and learn about healthy eating.
What people are saying:
As an employee who has attended many years of annual meetings, our past one was such a shot in the arm! I chose to go first to your Healthy 30 Minute Dinner class and was so captivated by your presentation, information gleaned and the amazingly tasty dinner you presented, I decided to stay for your second class, where you made another quick, healthy and wonderful meal, breakfast drinks, and snacks. Your kindhearted and personal presentation brought you into our midst, and you hooked me! Thank you for inspiring me to make big changes and continue on a more balanced journey! You were terrific. – Valerie Whyte, Senior Manager- Taylor Management Company
“I personally want to thank you for your presentation. It was informative and easily transferred to the every day situations we face. We are planning another staff event, and look forward to your participation in that session.”
– Marlene Butler | Director of Special and Alternative Education, BOCES

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