Nutrition Counseling

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I help people easily move into eating delicious nutrient dense foods. Creative delicious meals require some planning so you have yummy foods available when you want them. I will show you how to do that with grace and ease.
In the personal nutrition counseling program, clients learn how to integrate delicious foods that are truly nourishing. Cravings diminish, sleep is deeper, energy levels balance and your body and mind feel calm. You will receive simple recipes and food suggestions that are perfect for your lifestyle- even if you don’t have time to cook.
There is not one way of eating that is right for everyone. As we meet, you will learn to develop your intuition around your nutrition to have a clear experience of what is truly best for you. You will learn how to easily integrate good food, and healthy choices so it becomes second nature and part of your lifestyle. You will have your own personal health coach to support you as you learn about food, cooking and self care in ways you’ve been longing for.
nutritionDo you grab food on the run or skip meals, then experience the low energy crash? You are not alone! We will focus on creating a meal plan for you that is super easy to put into action including delicious snacks, superfoods, and simple ways to have the foods you love- available when you want them.
Got sweet cravings? You’ll be amazed at how they will naturally diminish. I know it’s hard to imagine. Learn about why you have these uncontrollable cravings and how give your body what it’s really craving. Blood sugar balance is a natural by product of a healthy way of eating that is truly right for you. Learn your way with Holly as your guide.
“On a particularly rough afternoon, I went into a bakery for a cookie. After a few bites, I threw it out-it was too sweet! Amazing! It is important to note than when I first had a consultation with Holly, I only decided to become a client after she promised not to touch my afternoon chocolate fix. She kept her promise, but with the other changes in my diet, I find I just don’t want it as much anymore. If anyone had told me this would happen, I would have laughed at them!” -Michelle, Far Rockaway, NY
Together, we look at your current health, your vision for your future, any health challenges you have and you will receive tools about how to easily incorporate healthy, whole foods into your daily diet- not the latest fad diet, but a way of eating that takes into account your lifestyle, your health and wellness goals, health concerns, ancestry, cravings, and the changing seasons. No deprivation around here!
How it works
The Nourishing Wisdom 6 Month Nutrition Program takes place with sessions by phone/skype/facetime. With Holly’s attention on your well being, health and meal planning, you will feel nourished and supported.
Receive recipes and special gifts to inspire and encourage your cooking and eating choices.
You will learn mindful eating to create a sacred relationship with your body and with food. You will learn practices to support your focus on nourishing self care and and true self love. Sounds fabulous right?600823_10151926998229447_1690585765_n

Your Nourishing Wisdom Program includes the following:
        • 2-4 sessions each month via skype, phone or in person
        • Recipes, recommendations and self care actions for your best health and true nourishment
        • Lifestyle suggestions to create a lifetime of wellness and vibrant health
        • Self care gift package with tools chosen especially for you
        • Group or private cooking classes in person or via webcast
“Holly has the rare combination of knowledge and the ability to clearly convey that knowledge in an insightful way. As a client, she guided me to learn more about behaviors driving my choices in health and nutrition. I was able to better understand the reasons behind my decisions and explore options. Most importantly she gave me the tools to understand and modify my behaviors as needed, going forward. Her guidance left me feeling empowered and enlightened.”   -Beth G, NJ
“I’ve talked to so many people over the years about how much I’ve learned from Holly’s vast nutritional knowledge, cooking, and all around education about food. I am so grateful”           -Bruce K, Hawaii
“Holly is a gem and has so much to offer. I learned so much about my body and how to nourish and take care of myself that I can now enjoy play time on the floor with my granddaughters after years of being in way too much pain to do so!” -Darlene, North Carolina
“Thanks for everything, Holly. I really have made an internal change regarding food and I owe this to you.” -Heather, Woodstock, NY
“Working with Holly introduced me to a whole new world, both nutritionally and spiritually. She is a true mentor, giving a wealth of information. Holly embodies nature and calm. Her warmth and empathy are truly amazing. I know she wants to help me. That makes me want to help me. This lifestyle is a major departure from most of my buddies in the Fire Dept., but her counsel aids the transition.” -Jim, Long Island
Do you suffer from any of the following issues?
-Uncontrollable sweet cravings
-Mood swings
-Exhaustion- feeling spent
-Low energy
-Blood sugar drops/elevation/Diabetes
-High blood pressure
-High cholesterol
-Digestive troubles
-Energy drops
-Sleep issues
-Frequent colds, flu, sore throat
-Weight gain
-Menstrual distress- cramping, bloating, mood swings, exhaustion….
-Menopausal distress- hot flashes, depression, weight gain, sleep issues
-Lack of meal planning that causes you to eat whatever is around, then feel tired and just blah.
There’s no need to continue white knuckling it on your own, trying to sort through the confusion of conflicting information. You owe it to yourself to receive the guidance that can finally give you the well being and freedom you’ve been longing for.
Think about how it would feel to have a loving relationship with your body and truly understand it’s needs. Imagine a natural knowing- without rules and deprivation- about how to nourish yourself well while eating truly delicious food-  You can have that!
Over the past 17 years, hundreds of clients have regained their health in Nourishing Wisdom Programs.
Everyone needs the support of a great coach, I would be honored to  be your guide.
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Sessions meet by phone or Skype.
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