Becoming Nourished Women’s Group

Holly Shelowtiz in the Times Union

Welcome to the Becoming Nourished Women’s Group

Are you plagued with sweet cravings, low energy, mood swings and confusion about what’s healthy for you?
When you are eating nourishing foods and you have healthy snacks available when you need them, it changes your brain, your blood, your organs and your life.
Add in self care in the form of meditation, rest and reflection and your life will feel calmer, slower and smoother.
Strengthening your adrenal glands by reducing stress- even in the simplest ways can add years to your life.
You deserve that.
The fast paced, stressed out life is so old news- plus it’s depleting and depressing.
Join us and get off the stress train. Learn simple tools to prioritze self care and decompress. You can stop eating when you’re not hungry and pushing your body past it’s limits. This wonderful group will support you as you move through the next few months so you can experience the holidays with grace and ease.
Connect with your tribe of like minded women and create connections to support you in living the life you want to live. Women need eachother. Experience the creativity and fun that comes together in these classes.
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Private secret facebook page so you can stay connected with the group and be supported by me between our sessions.
Are you spinning around feeling chaotic and disorganized with your meals?
This workshop will show you how to:
  • Understand the messages your body is giving you through cravings
  • Create meal plans for delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, healthy snacks and desserts too
  • The impact that slowing down has on your health
  • Stay sane as the pace of life picks up as we move towards the holidays
  • Use essential oils for health and wellness
  • To use foods, herbs and self care practices to stay healthy in Winter
Also included in the Becoming Nourished Women’s Group are:
  • Guidebook with recipes and shopping lists
  • Menu planning organizers and shopping list templates
  • Written handouts with nutrition information
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