Lemony Chicken with Carrots, Collard Greens and Scallions

Chef’s notes: The beauty of this recipe is variation. You can use any leafy greens or broccoli instead of collards, and you can use shrimp, tofu or meat instead of chicken. Enjoy!

2 pounds chicken breast, sliced in strips
1 large bunch collard greens
3 carrots, sliced on the diagonal
1 red pepper sliced
8 scallions
3 lemons
4 Tablespoons soy sauce or coconut aminos
Olive or coconut oil


  1. Prepare chicken by slicing into strips. Wash collards and slice into bite sized pieces. Slice carrots and pepper.
  2. Chop scallions; separate white and green parts. Juice 3 lemons
  3. Warm oil in a large skillet on medium heat.  Add half of the white parts of scallion and sauté for 5 min.
  4. Add chicken and sauté 7-8 minutes, adding 2 T soy sauce and 2 T lemon juice midway through.
  5. Remove and place in covered bowl.
  6. Add a little more oil to pan with rest of the white parts of scallion and sauté. Add collards, the rest of lemon juice and soy sauce. Cover to steam sauté and stir every few minutes for 7 minutes.
  7. Add chicken to collards, stir to mix and add scallions. Cover 5 minutes and serve over quinoa. (recipe follows)

Fluffy Quinoa

1 Cup Quinoa (red, yellow or black)
2 1/2 Cups vegetable or chicken stock
Fine grain sea salt
Fresh ground pepper
Butter or olive oil to taste


  1. Combine quinoa, stock and pinch of salt and bring to a boil.
  2. Lower to simmer, cover and simmer until all water is absorbed- about 20 minutes
  3. Serve with butter or olive oil, salt and fresh ground pepper
  4. Enjoy!