09 Jul 2015
July 9, 2015

Summer Breakfast

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Oh how I love Summer! Berries, cherries and such bounty. I often toss some berries and cherries along with soaked sunflower and pumpkin seeds and almonds into a bowl. Soaked nuts and seeds? Yes. Soaking nuts and seeds in water overnight with a few pinches of salt wakes them up and releases phytic acid- a naturally occuring anti- nutrient that is part of every nut, seed, grain and bean to protect the plant. When nuts/seeds are soaked, it activates beneficial enzymes and begins the sprouting process, making the nutrients more available and much easier to digest. Pour some unsweetend coconut milk or almond milk over it all, add a dash of cinnamon and wow- you have a power breakfast.

I like to use canned coconut milk. The ingredients are simple and clean. Shake it up before opening and add some water to dilute it to your liking. The boxed coconut milk (read the label) has so much in it that is articifical/processed. Keep it simple I say.

Make your own nutmilk: You can also soak some extra nuts- I’ve been using brazil nuts lately- and make your own nut milk. It is so much more delicious than any nut milk you could purchase. Simply measure out 1/4 Cup nuts/seeds of choice and cover with 1 Cup water and refrigerate. Drain water in the morning, and add 1 Cup fresh water and place nuts/seeds and water in your blender. Blend until liquified. Sometimes I’ll add a drop of stevia or a dash of cinnamon and blend again. You can strain pulp into a fine mesh strainer or keep the pulp in there as I’ve been doing lately as part of your morning breakfast bowl.