02 Dec 2014
December 2, 2014

Staying Sane During the Holidays

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fruit pieIt’s early December and the holiday buzz has begun. It seems that it’s all about spending, eating and drinking. Some of this can be really fun for some people and for many people it becomes totally overwhelming. How to find your balance in the midst of it all?   How do you have fun and take good care of yourself? Many of you have sensitivities to the foods that are all around us now. Many people choose not to drink. Many people have to stick closely to a budget. Here are some tips I give to clients at this time of year so self care remains a priority in the midst of it all. Stay tuned for more tips over the next few weeks.

If you are someone that tends to get sick in January, pay special attention. What we do in December directly affects how we’re doing in January and February when the going gets tough- especially in the Northeast.

  1. Begin your morning with a few minutes of quiet time focusing on gratitude so you start your day in peace
  2. Drink green juices/ green smoothies to give your body vitamins and enzymes
  3. Drink home made bone broth or vegetable stock. Grate some fresh ginger in it to build heat and add flavor
  4. Make delicious nourishing healthy foods for pot lucks and parties
  5. End your day with a few minutes of quiet time, focusing on gratitude once again for the day and reflect on how it unfolded