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Soothe your skin (or someone elses) with some of my handmade products below.
Purchase a gift certificate for someone you care about and give them the gift of healing.
Choose a 60 minute nutrition counseling session so they can get their questions answered about healthy eating.
For the past 17 years I’ve been making the products offered here. Made in small batches with pure ingredients from nature that provide the ultimate nourishment for your skin, I created each product so I could have organic, pure food to use on my skin.
Now you can too. We take the time to eat well and make high level choices for our food,  and I wanted the same for my skin. Our skin is the largest organ and literally receives and takes in what we put on it. The oils and butters are cold pressed without the use of excess heat, the flowers, beans and grains are organically grown with love and never sprayed, thereby keeping the precious nutrients available for the health of your beautiful skin.
Nourishing Face and Body Creamimage1
Made with olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, spring water and pure essential oils (if scented).
Your face will love this luscious cream! Choose unscented, lavender, rose or jasmine.
2 ounce jar $30, 4 ounce jar $50. Jasmine: 2 ounce jar $50 4 ounce jar $65.
All are plus $8 for US shipping.
“I love, love your products- I have tried so many other creams out there and haven’t been able to find anything nearly as wonderful as your nourishing face and body cream. My skin just soaks it up and really glows after using it! I am living in Hong Kong now and I would like to order 2 Nourishing Face Creams from you. Thank you!”    -Kelly, Hong Kong
“Im ordering 2 jars! I’ve nearly finished my jar and i use it for cleanser, moisturizer, hand cream, everything, so send it soon!”
-Ruth, NYC
“I have been using Holly’s Nourishing Face Cream for many years now and, frankly, I don’t know what I would do without it. My face is sensitive to so many products but I’ve never had a problem with Holly’s face cream- and it always feels great when I put it on! Thanks, Holly!” – Judy H
“I love Holly’s moisturizing face creme. It’s so luxurious and smells heavenly. I’m hooked!”
2oz face cream unscented

4oz face cream unscented

2oz face cream lavender

4oz face cream lavender

2oz face cream rose

4oz face cream rose

2oz face cream jasmine

4oz face cream jasmine


Coconut Rose Cleansing Grains
This recipe came to me on a walk in the woods as I was musing about my love of roses and coconut. A new product was born and this one is made for normal to dry skin. The magic of this combination is the way your skin is gently cleansed by the roses, moisturized by the natural oils in the coconut and soothed by the flax. Your skin will glow and feel so very refreshed. Contains roses, coconut and flax seeds. 4 ounce jar $40 + $7 shipping.
4oz coconut rose



?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Japanese Washing Grains
This formula is made with red beans,  a century old Japanese beauty secret. Finely blended with lavender flowers it will gently exfoliate your skin and relax stressed skin and pores. Four ounce jar $40 + $7 shipping
4oz Japanese


Here are some links to my favorite products that I personally use and love. These are affiliate links to Amazon so when you click, you will be taken to the Amazon site. You can log into your account as usual. When purchases are made, you will receive the great low pricing of Amazon and I will receive a small commission. Win win! I only post foods, books and products here that I use and love and I’ve been recommending for many years to family, friends and clients.
Kitchen Tools
These immersion blenders are a fantastic kitchen helper for making pureed soups. This first one comes with a mini food processor and whisk attachment


Spiralizers! Make veggie noodles in a snap!

Vitamix. Smoothies, desserts and so much more, made like no other machine. I’ve had mine for over 25 years!

This is a fabulous combination of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, saute, yogurt maker and more!

Favorite Books

Whole Foods and Supplements

These nori snacks are so fantastic! The wasabi is spicy, crispy and the ideal high nutrition snack. This is a pack of 36 small packages

This is a 12 pack of the plain one. I love them all!

Artisana Nut Butter Packets. I always have one of these nut butters in my purse! Each box has 10 packets you can stick in a pocket, put in a lunchbox, keep in the car or your purse for a quick high protein/healthy fat snack

These are so delicious! try when you are having a sweet craving. Even though there’s no sugar, it does the trick by nourishing your body with wholesome coconut. mmmmmmmm

Raw pecan butter. Amazing

Raw Walnut Butter with Cashews. Drooling.