Personal Chef

Are you too busy to cook? Do you know that you need to eat healthier but you’re not?
Let the Nourishing Wisdom Kitchen support you so you can have nourishing home cooked food in your refrigerator when you want it.

I have a a detailed conversation with each client so I know about your likes and dislikes/allergies and sensitivities and the way of eating you feel best with. We prepare nourishing food for any dietary preference: Paleo, Gluten Free, Healthy, Diabetes, Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore, Nourishing Traditions and more.

We tailor your menus for your health.
Menus can include 4-5 meals with 4-6 servings- or as you prefer. You can add in additional servings, dessert and snacks. We use only the highest quality organic ingredients, locally grown whenever possible, whole grains are soaked for maximum digestion and nutrition, nourishing fats, only whole foods, and organic pastured meat, chicken and eggs from local farms. Holly’s signature desserts use only natural sweeteners like fruit/dried fruit, rice syrup, maple syrup, honey or coconut sugar and are naturally gluten free.

Each week you will receive an email with the menus we’ve created for your approval.

What people are saying
“I am endlessly amazed at how incredibly tasty Holly’s cooking is. Her sophisticated seasoning and flavor combinations just made me so happy- I didn’t know it was possible that healthy food could taste SO good!  Having nourishing healthy food available during my very busy work week is helpful beyond words- and truly gave me my energy back.”

“Holly backs up her amazing cooking skills with extensive knowledge of nutrition and health. She helped me understand my endocrine system better than all the physicians I consulted with on the issue. I will be forever grateful to Holly for her pivotal role in restoring my health.”  

“I’m enjoying having all of the meal planning done, and taking one more item off my weekly to-do list. She can cook anything — from lentil soup to enchiladas. It’s amazing to come home on a wintry night to a shepherd’s pie or meat stew.”

“I cannot thank you enough! The food you prepared for me is simply divine. I have never been so excited to eat my meals. I did not expect the diversity and deliciousness. thank you again.”

“Holy cow! You are a great cook!”
“The Moroccan Chicken Stew is DIVINE! OMG DIVINE!
“I’m so excited. It’s like a real Christmas feeling for me. Thanks so much!”

Email us to get started on your way to nourished eating- one meal at a time.

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