Work With Me

Through the awareness and enjoyment of eating high quality food, clients make changes in their daily diet that last. Working in person and by telephone, The Nourishing Wisdom Wellness Programs support, educate, and empower you to create overall health by discovering a way of eating and living that works best for your lifestyle.

Once you can understand the messages your body is giving you through cravings, mood swings, low energy, menstrual issues or chronic colds, you can nourish it with what it truly needs. So much of the information about nutrition is confusing and even contradictory, right? Let Holly gently guide you with her Nourishing Wisdom so you can have the relationship with food you’ve been longing for.

She offers group and private telephone classes that you can participate in from the convenience of home, work, school, or even on the road. The group cooking classes are a great way to add new foods to your daily diet, make new friends, and enjoy a delicious meal.